Friday, April 24, 2015

Unsewing winds

Pulling your threads inside out
through anemic blood clots
tangling fears in each dry pore
you constantly fail to cave in

As a revenant´s growl
you move sideways in blindness
shaking the effects of fate
with your hands on the rattlesnake

Come and play with me
like an albatross fancies with
the wings of the dreamer´s sighs

Licking the rests of carrion hearts
from the vulture´s crowded dish
sipping God´s halo from her bloody lips
saliva flowing through her jagged teeth

Spitting chaos without your love
erasing all the oaths we dare to swore
blood back inside the wound
scars unsewing the words back inside

I bind the love winds into its silver key
back into the moon´s face,
deep into the river´s tide

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