Monday, October 5, 2015

Me and the Devil

I woke up in motion, the heartbeat on a seesaw, waiting for my visions to fade. My strings were pulled in a rush, not letting me become aware of the state of my self.
I was put somewhere in between her legs, her fingers dwelling in the pits of darkness that swallowed my eyes. My teeth, clawing their way on her pubis for as long as she desired to.

Around us, heavy incense rising, the flicking flames from the fireplace mixing with the aura of her halo from her open lips. I could feel her soul sticking its wet long flickering tongue on my temples. Knocking on the host´s door 

Then, I woke my torment up through her perverted heart.

My heroin bites molesting its way into her mind, protruding my fears in her soleus muscles. Achilles betrayed, she ran away to the street with my creepy breath spitting nails on her spine.

We hunted for twins, so we could both bathe our lust in mirrored banquets. She would swallow their heart, I would dig a hole in their soul. We swarmed the bodies like a animal in heat, our orgasms blowing throbbing spams on their blood flooded breasts. Our blood, the oldest whiskey of the shittiest tavern in the suburbs.  

We covered their filthy failures with the thousand and one triumphs of our victories, leaving the corpse of the night´s dreams with the echo of our laughter. Ripped off from their poverty of spirit, we rose to become eternal in malevolence.  

Rum, sweat and loads of blackened fluidity ran through the delighted Hecate, satiated forever with the sacrifice of humanity defeated. Once and for all. 

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