Thursday, December 15, 2016


Air pumps emptiness inside me
Blood cells covered in muddy debris
glass tears inside my eyes, blackened iris
leaving just fog inside me

Humid dreams of distant times
My thoughts leave ashes in my mouth
I am dripping melancholy around me
like a thick layer of dust

Your heat was enough to keep
my heartbeat in tempo,


I am out of my lifetime,
running my fingers on the chords of others,
breathing the words from mouths that stutter
hugging hollow arms in elusive armonies

When my night opens to me forever
kissing my lips with its burning feverish lips
thick tongue of melting blackness

Will I be dreaming here again?

Will I be this,
will I remember
how to fix myself again
how to glue the nouns with the verbs
how to build a life from its true foundations?

Will my bones grow some stronger muscles around them
will my flesh and skin draw the face that I once had
will my heart pump healthier and saner blood
or will my brain spawn the same feverish thoughts?

Dream yourself in, pour your soul beyond the depths of your dreams
and die,
in your own terms.