Monday, February 27, 2017


A faceless glare through your window
the curtain shades the vague contour of you
a ghoulish fiend, my blindness stalls,
no shield for my sight, no release of hope

A creepy tremor, burns the fluid inside my spine
You see me die, the whole of me melting on the street,
you stand proud in your blackened deformity,
a grimace of pride biting the face around it

I run to you, the stairs the walls for your epilogue
written in black wrath on an empty canvas,
filling the rotting holes with corrupted words
a venom which echoes your hellish laughter

Your mirrors shattered, your crimes unveiled
reality a nightmare you fuel with your vile
Blood dripping under your door,
your victims´ agony begging mercy over my feet

What did you do, my brother?

You only cared  for your books,
the law and the regulation for society, your goal
on those pages you lived day after day
the words of men you printed in your brain

How could you not see?

The doctor came, you felt your humanity rise
as your body collapsed
a protuberant twisted Quixote in the making
yet you came to your senses and regained your sanity

The chemical concoction you swallowed
the alchemy of blood was performed
suddenly the creature inside you bulged
bullying its way through your soul

You met the night, Selene shared her delectation
with you,
Dorian reborn, shaped in the Moon´s identity
drinking your pleasures in the harlot´s neck

One by one, you grew inside the womb of Sin
Night after night the monster undefeated
Shaping the devils lust in the laws of murder
killing the cells of their God with each rape

What did you do?
Where are you now?
How did you hide?
Will you be back?

* Inspired by Arthur Machen´s The Novel of the White Powder

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